Write to Wildlife Charities!

I haven’t posted in a while and so I thought it was time I put up some words of encouraging protest. I’ve emailed The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, The British Trust for Ornithology, The British Deer Society and Songbird Survival with links to the website and a request for them to write a letter of objection. I haven’t received a reply so I have no idea what they’re doing. If anybody else things of some clever people who might be able to help don’t hold back! Get writing!

And don’t forget it’s not too late to write your own letter of protest, and encourage your friends, family and neighbours to do so – click here for more information.

I’ve also updated ‘The Argument’ page if you need to brush up on the facts.

Some more great comments from the Facebook page, in case you’d missed them –

2nd June 2017 – On the application form they are asked – Will the proposal increase flood risk elsewhere and they ticked the Yes box. So who exactly will be at risk I would like to know.

5th July 2017 – So yesterday someone who had never been to our house before arranged to come at 6pm. He duly arrived at 6.20 full of apologies “I didn’t realize traffic into Hedon would be so bad” Enough said!

7th July 2017 – Hull City council are talking about not giving New Taxi licenses to Diesel vehicles, from 2018, due to health concerns over emissions yet they want an Energy Park that could possibly have up to 2500 vehicles a day ( most of which would be Diesel)!

18th July 2017 – So will the planners be reminded of today’s report which states that the A63, the main road into Hull and certainly to the east of the city, has been named as one of the most polluted in the country? I certainly hope so.

18th July 2017 – I’m curious as to which firm this is:- “… energy intensive industries such as… “food processing”, on one site.” I’ve been following a TV series of food processing factories and they’re MASSIVE with scarcely anyone in them.

18th July 2017 – Panic ye not ! This is all to be expected. Sells newspapers. Appointing an agent means nothing – not without planning approval. That’s our focus for now. ER officers and their many expert advisers will go through their process, and then we’ll see. – John Dennis


View Across Hedon Aerodrome by Kathryn Renshaw-Miller




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