Answers from Sewell (Sort of)

A couple of weeks ago I sent an email to an employee of Sewell with very precise questions about their plans. This is what I have received back. I was hoping that I could get some information which wasn’t wrapped up in jargon so much that we could barely understand it but unfortunately, their answers weren’t quite as plain as my questions.

– Do you intend to buy gas from Northern Gas Networks or import it from various sources by tanker trucks? – the Utilities Strategy which has been submitted as part of the Outline Planning Application suite of documents notes the gas supply for the scheme.

– Do you intend to add odorant to the gas to assure a leak can be easily detected? If not then what precautions would be taken to assure the highly flammable gas does not escape undetected?the Utilities Strategy which has been submitted as part of the Outline Planning Application suite of documents notes the gas supply for the scheme.

– Do you still plan to put accommodation on site for trainees? The application seeks outline permission for short-stay residential accommodation for those attending the education campus for training and research purposes.

– Would the gas be turned into electricity by turning water into steam to spin a turbine or will a different method be used? Would the turbine be noisy? Would you have natural gas compressors on site and if so, would these be noisy? Chapter 7 of the Environmental Statement Volume 1 submitted as part of the Outline Planning Application suite of documents has tested potential noise impacts of the proposed development. For clarity, we are proposing clean energy generation from gas.

– How precisely do you intend to tackle the issue of flooding? We have submitted a draft Flood Risk Assessment as part of the Outline Application. We have included a number of measures in the scheme to allow for known flood risk issues including raised flood levels of buildings and significance opportunities for water storage on site and landscaping to facilitate natural drainage. We are also working with the Local Drainage Board and reviewing how we can upgrade the existing underground drainage network – which we know suffers from a number of issues currently.

– Increased traffic around the area will mean the roads need to be repaired more often. If they are not repaired often enough this will cause chaos for the residents of Hedon. How do you have a plan to resolve this? We have submitted a Transport Assessment as part of the suite of documents, and Traffic and Transportation is considered in full within Chapter 6 of the Environmental Statement Volume 1. These documents set out all identified effects of the development in relation to traffic and transport, and propose a suite of mitigation measures that we propose to implement.

– Can you get me a list of alternative sites which were actually considered and why they were rejected? A number of alternative sites have been considered as part of the sequential assessment undertaken as part of the application, reported in the Planning Statement.

– Can you give any more detail about the 1000 promised jobs? How many assigned to what area of the park? Job roles etc? The socio-economic impacts of the proposed Development are set out in Chapter 16 of the Environmental Statement Volume 1.

– Is there anything you can tell me yet about who the warehouses will be rented to, or what kind of things the warehouses will be used for? Warehousing (B8, Storage and Distribution) uses comprise 30% of the employment floorspace that we are proposing, with over 65% for manufacturing (B2) uses. We cannot provide any details on discussions that we are currently having with end users that may take up space on the site for commercial reasons. We do not intend to deliver any development speculatively. This means that more detail will be available for businesses relating to individual Reserved Matters applications that will be made in the future for specific buildings across the site. These applications will include further community consultation, testing of effects, and opportunity for comment as part of the Statutory planning process.