Letters of Protest

A few days ago John Dennis gave us the go ahead to begin writing our letters of protest to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The reference is 17/ 01673/STOUTE which must be stated in your letter. Also, please make sure you read all of the documents on the proposal first by following this link – Planning Portal Link – click ‘enter public access’ and search the reference. I know there are a lot, but we need to make sure our protests are well informed and clever.

The postal address –

Mrs S Hunt
Planning Department
County Hall
HU17 9BA

Alternatively, the email address –


However, please write calmly and logically and mention only things relevant to ERYC. Unfortunate rules mean that many things important to us cannot be stated by the ERYC as a reason for refusing the proposal. See the comment below from Facebook which explains in greater detail –

Note copied from the planning portal for when detailing objections for this: “The planning officer can only take into account issues that are relevant to the application. For example, we are unable to consider issues which are most commonly raised such as a loss of view, property value and legal issues such as covenants on properties.

Such issues and others such as parking, traffic and noise are considered to be ‘material considerations’ and Should Be Taken into account in deciding a planning application or on an appeal against a planning decision.

‘MATERIAL CONSIDERATIONS’ are extremely varied and include fundamental factors involved in land-use planning such as:

the number, size, layout, siting, density, design and external appearance of buildings
the proposed means of access
impact on the neighbourhood
the availability of infrastructure


Planning history of the site
Overlooking and loss of privacy
Adequate parking and servicing
Overbearing nature of proposal
Loss of trees
Loss of ecological habitats
Contamination by a previous use
Effect on listed building(s) and conservation areas
Access and highways safety
Traffic generation
Noise and disturbance
Disturbance from smells
Public visual amenity
Flood risk
Planning gain


Loss of value to an individual property
Loss of a private individual’s view
Boundary disputes including encroachment of foundations or gutters
Private covenants or agreements
The applicant personal conduct or history
The applicant motives
Potential profit for the applicant or from the application
Private rights to light
Private rights of way
Damage to property
Loss of trade to individual competitors
Age, health, status, background and work patterns of the objector
The amount of time taken to do the work
Building and structural techniques
Matters covered by another statute Alcohol or gaming license

Here is the article regarding this on HU12Online – Article Link



Snow on Hedon Aerodrome 1960s



3 thoughts on “Letters of Protest

  1. John P. Dennis Chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Ward Member for S. W. Holderness, Hedon Councillor.

    Thanks for updating your blog. It was on my agenda for the weekend. Family funeral took Friday away and visitors Saturday.
    Been doing my first letter this morning.

    JD t


  2. John P. Dennis Chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Ward Member for S. W. Holderness, Hedon Councillor.

    Sorry, not Chairman any more. Just plain councillor again. How do you alter that?



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