Planning Submitted – NOT an Energy Park

Yesterday I was told, during the consultation held at Eastside Community Sports Trust, that the planning application has been officially submitted and despite the deceptive name, it is not an energy park. It is a business park with an energy element. The terminology is going to be very important in the fight ahead. The name is misleading.

The ‘energy’ in the name seems to imply that they will be supplying the local population with energy. This is not the case. The energy production will provide power for the business park and may provide power back to the national grid, but this will not affect Hedon or Preston.

The word ‘park’ in the name feels friendlier that ‘estate’. A ‘business park’ and an ‘industrial estate’ are essentially the same thing. The only slight variation is that a business park is supposed to have more offices than warehouses. The would-be developers are planning to build both on Hedon Aerodrome. There are two key definitions for the noun ‘park’ – the main two are ‘a large public garden or area of land used for recreation’ and ‘an area devoted to a specified purpose’. It is clear that the latter is the correct definition in this case, and we need to disassociate it with the former. Not a recreational park, a business park.

It is just a self-sustaining business park, plain and simple, but calling it that would have made it far more difficult to sell to the local population than ‘Yorkshire Energy Park.’

If anyone can actually give me a list of ideas for alternative sites that would be helpful.


Horse & Foal on Hedon Aerodrome


2 thoughts on “Planning Submitted – NOT an Energy Park

  1. Not once have the company claimed that they will supply energy to the local populace. The plans are underpinned by its ability to supply unbroken energy to its tenants. That’s your misinterpretation. Within the plans they include areas for recreation. Such as Sports and walking.
    With this in mind I suppose you could, actually call it an “energy park”


    • I always knew that it wouldn’t supply energy to the town, but I’ve spoken to others who are under this misconception. This post was written entirely to assure nobody was under this impression. I have noticed that there has been a great deal of confusion over what is going to happen within the YEP, which is why I created this website. There is a lot of objection to the YEP and I’m merely trying to make sure these are well-informed objections, otherwise people end up arguing over something they don’t understand. I hope this resolves your concern.


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