New Plans from the Developers – Action Plan for Us

As I had previously thought, the quiet has ended dramatically and the would-be developers have returned with increased promises and the backing of a great many international companies including Vodafone. They have certainly been busy putting their name out there through the quiet channels of meetings in boardrooms full of very rich and influential people. We must not be discouraged by this. Giving up is the worst thing we can do. The small towns and villages have to stick together and stand up to the bullies threatening to encroach on our heritage. Wealth and influence does not make them right.

Here are the old plans – 1. Original Plans

Here are the improvised plans – 2. New Plans

More explanations of the designs will be published later but for now just skip ahead to the heights of the buildings. The highest buildings on the old plans were 6 storeys. The highest buildings on the new plans are 8 storeys, and all but two small structures are 3 storeys or higher.

Here is a video illustrating the size of a 3 storey building – Youtube Video

To put the rest in perspective, an average double decker bus is 14ft, and the average size of a storey is 10ft. The highest point of the 8 storey building will be the equivalent nearly 6 double decker buses stacked on top of one another.

The PDF takes an entire page to speak of the advantages of promised jobs and training opportunities, but remember that these opportunities will not change by moving them a little further west so that they do not destroy green space.

More consultations are being held and here are the dates and locations (they will give you comment forms – please do not give them anything to work with – simply write ‘leave’ or ‘not this site’) –

Monday 15th May – Eastside Community Sports Trust

Tuesday 16th May – Preston Community Hall

Monday 22nd May – Church Room (St Augustine’s) Magdalen Gate, Hedon

Tuesday 23rd May – Paull Village Hall

Thursday 25th May – Thorngumbald Village Hall

Remember, what they begin others will finish. If his site is developed others will be until Hedon and Preston are as much a part of Hull as Marfleet.


Moonrise over Hedon Aerodrome


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