Serious Traffic Concerns

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and New Year, but unfortunately it is now 2017, the year the would-be developers intend to get permission to stain the little towns of Hedon and Preston. I thought I’d start off the year with a serious cause for concern.

We all knew that increased traffic would lead to annoying noise, danger for cyclists and those walking to the sports or dance centre, danger for local wildlife, increased pollution in the area and a high probability of complete gridlock during rush hour. Now it seems the traffic may also have an effect on our minds.

This week news channels reported that those who live near busy roads are more likely to suffer with dementia, based on recent studies. It has been considered that noise and air pollution are to blame, which means it makes all the more sense for lovely market towns to remain as they are, free from the trials of the cities.

Read the full article here – BBC News Article

Some of you may also remember that YEP representatives said they were going to try and put forward their planning application in December. I’ve found no news of this so far, but if anyone hears anything please spread the news around.

In the meantime, please go to our ‘Take Action’ page and download a poster to print out and display in your window or car.

The picture below shows the current road (courtesy of Google), and the plans for the new road which includes a new large junction in very close proximity to the others either side of it.




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