Land Use

In my on-going attempt to make people aware of the proposed Energy Park, and just how intrusive it is to Hedon and Preston, I am focusing on making sense of their elaborately designed plans document – yep-boards-final-5-low-res-8 . This time I’m focusing on land use which is on page 5.

It was said many times by the salesmen at the consultation sessions that there was no other place where they could connect to the national grid, and which would offer the amount of space they needed. However, if you study the picture titled ‘Land Use’, you will see that the data centre they’re so enthusiastic about (in light blue), the storage and distribution facility (in dark pink) and the energy campus itself (in purple) only cover a fraction of the space they’re building on. The rest goes to the now massively grown sports facilities, the education centre in which people will be living even though we were told they wouldn’t be building anything residential, and an even larger expanse of land, covering most of the site, named ‘General Business Parks’. This essentially means that most of the space for their ‘energy park’ will go to other businesses. With this in mind, any talk of benefitting the local people with jobs and sports facilities are lost in the realisation that this is nothing but a heartless money making scheme.

There are plenty of sites which could easily hold their energy park, data centre and storage facility. What they don’t have space for on many other sites, is the mass of land to rent to other businesses which would make the developers an extraordinary amount of money.

We are also at a disadvantage of not knowing who these other businesses will be. We have been told that the identities of their potential clients is confidential.

They tried to hide this by making the format look impressive, the writing tiny and using a lot of clever sentences in consultation sessions, but if you study this carefully you will see how far they are edging around the truth when they say they cannot build this anywhere else.

Make sure this is clear to everyone so that when the time comes, if they ever come close to getting planning permission, we can fight with our eyes open.



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