“Do we want to sacrifice our heritage…I think not!”

On the 20th October the Holderness Gazette published an article by Ray Duffill, about Hedon Town Council’s opposition to the YEP. On another page was a statement by Hedon Mayor Neil Black, in which he concedes that the plans do have merit but NOT on Hedon Aerodrome. He also reminds us that promises made by developers are rarely kept, such as the assurance that the water treatment works wouldn’t smell.

Read both the article and the statement below.


The Worries of Local People


A snowdrop on Hedon Aerodrome – a view the developers want to change

Just in case anyone missed this – our Hedon Mayor Neil Black wrote a letter to the editor of HU12Online, to make sure his voice was heard on behalf of the community of Hedon. A great read with great points.

Hedon Mayor Warns Against Developer’s Promises

And here are two other letters to the editor by concerned local people.

Concerns Over Increased Flood Risk

Environmental Concerns

Hedon Town Council Continues Opposition

100_7986HU12Online has reported that Hedon Town Council discussed the plans for Hedon Aerodrome on Thursday 13th October, and wished to express their ‘strong opposition’ to the proposed developments.

Issues were raised about traffic flow, flooding, uncertainty about what businesses will occupy the space and the effect on the local landscape. The decision to oppose the plans was unanimous.

For the full article by Ray Duffill follow this link: http://www.hu12online.net/debate/strong-opposition-yorkshire-energy-park/


This is a website set up to spread awareness of the plans to build the Yorkshire Energy Park on Hedon Airfield in Preston Parish.

The plans involve 2-4 storey warehouses which will permanently change the landscape for the worse, and will encourage further industrialisation. This will entirely defeat the point of living in Hedon in the first place, as a small historic market town surrounded by a good amount of greenery.

Find out more on our about page and watch this space for further updates on the plans.